How to Unclog a Toilet Using a Toilet Auger

by Raul Garcia on November 24, 2011

Dealing with a Toilet Clog is not something that any one will want to be associated with. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to avoid this job. Most people will prefer to call a plumber to do the job. However, with the tough economic times being experienced if possible it is more pocket friendly to get the job done by you. By using a toilet auger, you are able to clear your toilet without the help of a plumber.

An auger is also known as a plumbers snake. This is the perfect weapon to help you get rid the stubborn clogs. This is a gadget which is about three feet in length. It usually has a rigid metal tube with a handle. These types of gadgets differ depending with the designer.While using it the first thing to do is to insert the auger with the cable in the toilet. You will have to extend it down in to the toilet. The crank on the auger will then be turned on. Ensure the metal tubing is held firmly in the other hand .It will then be extended into the toilet.

Toilet clogs sometime are caused by semi solid objects. This may include hair, accumulated toilet papers among other things. When this happens there is some resistance that will be felt on the auger. Once you experience this, you know that there is some semi solid substance causing the clog. By rewinding the cable you will be able to retrieve the object. The coil of the auger can also be passed severally back and forth to clear if the clog is caused by accumulated toilet paper.

Sometimes you may not experience any resistance while doing the process. This will simply mean that the clog is due to accumulation of deposits on the sides of the oil .It could be minerals or grease .This will simply be cleared by the auger moving through the toilet.

If all these activities fail to get rid of the clog then it is time to call in a plumber. A Plumber in Orlando will be able to detect where the problem emanates from and ultimately how o solve it. Moreover if water comes up in you sinks and even bathrooms when you flash your toilet, you need to call a plumber.
To avoid clogging, always clean your toilets on regular basis while giving special attention to the valves. In case you notice any thing funny or are not sure of anything then it is time to call in a Plumber in Orlando.

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