Tank or Tankless Water Heaters, Which is an Upgrade?

by Raul Garcia on November 8, 2011

There’s a lot of talk about tankless or tanked water heaters and which one is better than the others for your home. Of course it’s not always as simple as just saying one type of water heater installation is inherently better than another because you have to look at all of the needs of the building in question, and whether or not a water heater system has to be replaced first.

A tankless water heater has the benefit that you aren’t keeping a huge tank of heated water on hand for use, which in many cases will save on heating and energy costs. However if you have a need for large amounts of hot water, which isn’t uncommon for many businesses, then a tankless water heater might have difficulty keeping up with the demand in question. So you need to figure out how much hot water you’re going to need before you decide whether you need a tank of it waiting and on hand.

Once you know what sort of hot water heater is best for your needs though, you’ll still have to deal with issues such as whether or not it’s gas or electric powered. Electricity is often considered the greener choice, but it takes more energy to heat water and it takes a longer time. Gas can heat your water faster, but it’s also subject to the prices of natural gas in your area which can vary depending on if you’re an Indianapolis or Orlando plumber.

After you’ve covered all of your costs and energy needs you have to look at the prices of a new hot water heating system to see what you can afford. You also need to see if there’s an existing system that needs to be replaced. Often times that can really be the deciding factor. Because if you already have a tankless water heating system you might not have room for one with a tank. So that means that you’d have to put it in another location, or modify the size to fit, which will add on additional costs either way due to construction costs and the need for additional plumbing lines to reach the new location. If you have an existing gas heater but you want an electric one then you’re going to have to figure in all of the appropriate installation costs and the modification for the power source. All of that, as well as the base cost of the equipment, needs to factor in.

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