Choosing a Plumber for Life

by Raul Garcia on September 7, 2011

Calling a plumber can be a daunting task. Which plumber is the right one? How does a person know? This is not an idle query because when plumbing problems happen they can be quite urgent and the plumber should be a known quantity before the emergency occurs. The easiest way to find a reliable plumber is to ask friends who they use and whether that plumber is someone they would recommend. Social networking can be quite helpful in finding a service technician who can be depended upon. But what does a person do if he or she is new in town and has no handy friend to call? That is when it is time to do the research.

A plumber is vital for the maintenance of a home. All things related to water are the purview of plumbing and water is essential to life: plumbers as the people who keep the water clean and flowing are essential. The first step to finding one is to check the advertisements, either print or online. Check for availability. If the ad doesn’t say 24/7 then chances are the ad is for a one man operation which isn’t necessarily a bad thing nut does limit the times at which the homeowner can have an emergency. At the same time the ad should list the qualifications the plumber has: license number or certificate number as required by the area.

Check to see what services the plumber offers to see if the thing needed done is one done by that plumbing firm. Traditionally he or she should be able to do any work needed relating to the water systems of the home, either for the potable water or for the sewage system. Such things as finding leaks and repairing those leaks once found, finding pipes or fixtures in walls or floors, or checking to be sure that the water systems are up to code in the area are things normally expected from a reliable plumber.

Call the one chosen out to do a well house visit as soon as possible after moving in and do the final check: is this a person with whom it is possible to work? Is this a person whom it is possible to trust? It is important that the homeowner and the plumber can get along because this is a workman who will be asked to come into the home where the family and its possessions live. Once the choice is made, this is a person on whom the trust and faith of the family will rest for many years: choose wisely.

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