Green Bathroom Renovation

by Raul Garcia on August 10, 2011

Many people are choosing to ad green bathroom renovations to their homes. They care about the earth and they want to economize permanently. They also have a bathroom they want to remodel. Recent growth by the green building movement means you can now find many excellent products to choose between and also many contractors are trained in green building practices.

One advantage of doing a natural bathroom renovation would be the fact that it results in lower utility bills due to a reduction in energy and water use.

Using natural lighting when possible lowers electrical costs. Installing fixtures which use water more efficiently in addition to installing low flush toilets reduces monthly water bills. Having low flush toilets installed in your home can save on average 22,000 gallons of water per year. Using low flow faucets and shower heads that utilize aeration will save much more water.

Together with conserving water, it is important to heat pool water in an efficient manner. A dated boiler does not heat water efficiently, driving your bill higher. Installing a new container is a very good way to cut down on energy costs. Tankless water heaters can save you much more money since they only heat the water if needed.

When doing a green bathroom renovation it is essential to select green building materials. Choose materials which can be natural and contain recycled materials. Ceramic tile is undoubtedly an example of an eco-friendly building material. Ceramic tile may contain recycled materials and requires little maintenance. Ceramic tiles even have a low toxilogical impact.

Reusing items could aid mother nature by reducing landfill usage. Some estimate that 20% or higher of landfill usage comes from construction debris. Consider having your bathtub or sink refinished. Donate used cabinets, sinks, lights, and vanities to organizations like Habitat for Humanity to keep construction trash to a minimum. You might have just what someone is looking for when doing their very own project.

Starting a green bathroom renovation is a great technique to help the environment, drop your utility bills and get that new bathroom you’ve been wanting. Bathroom renovations can also improve your homes value.  There are plenty of excellent green items to select from. You could always utilize a licensed contractor that focuses on green remodeling projects.

Bathroom remodels are complicated construction projects that may be be left to the professionals. Many people have attempted a remodel themselves and ended up buying it twice as they definitely didn’t have the skill necessary to complete the job.

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