When You Need Garbage Disposal Repair

by Raul Garcia on July 24, 2011

Orlando Garbage Disposal Repair

If you need garbage disposal repair, hire a professional plumber. Without professional expertise and the proper parts, it is possible for you to become hurt or to damage your current garbage disposal. Here is where a professional plumber can have a look at what is going on, assess what it will cost, and perform the job for you easily.

Garbage Disposal Repair: Assessing the Damage

Once you contact a plumber, the first thing he will do is asses your garbage disposal. Most units run on electricity, so there could be a break in the line that provides electricity to your disposal. Your disposal might have taken something down it which caused it to jam. A plumber can asses your unit and tell you what it will cost for labor as well as parts, easily enough.

Fixing the Disposal When Parts are Required

If there are just parts required and not a brand-new unit, your plumber might have to order them. There is normally not a huge wait for parts, however since most companies that manufacture garbage disposals will keep the parts required handy to repair their units quickly.

Replacing Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal repair is not always the result of a damaged or non-working disposal. At times, it might be necessary to replace the unit with a new one. Thankfully, they are not really expensive, even if you want one that does more than just dispose of food wastes.

Garbage Disposal Repair: The Costs Involved

Hiring a plumber for your garbage disposal repair can be very easy on the wallet. Most plumbers who work on such units have been doing so for a while, so it never really takes that much time when you are paying for labor. Parts can be included in the total price, depending on whether or not they are needed. Additionally, an entirely new unit may be needed, but most range from about $48-$199 on average, depending on what model you want in your sink. Plumbers will happily tell you about the brands they have been installing, too, especially if you have had an old unit break down on you.

Immediately call a plumber if your garbage disposal is acting up. Further jamming or use of a unit that has an electrical issue can be harmful and possibly dangerous to you or anyone attempting to use the unit or kitchen sink. It is always wise to trust a professional for this important kind of plumbing repair.

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