Water Softener Installation

by Raul Garcia on July 17, 2011

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A water softener installation can be done if you have some mechanical and plumbing experience. The location of your water softener is important. You’ll need a flat level area, a 120 volt grounded outlet and a connection from your main water supply. You’ll also need a drain outlet for drainage water when the unit is in the regeneration cycle. If your home is not pre-plumed or set up for a water softener installation we recommend a professional installation of the unit.

Starting Your Installation

Water Supply
First shut off the main supply and drain water by opening a cold water faucet. Connect the incoming cold water line to the to the inlet side of the softener’s by-pass valve. Connect the main water return line to the outlet side of the valve this will be the softened water for your home.

The drain may be a floor drain, drainage pipe or a pre-plumed drain specifically for the water softener installation. Connect a 1/2 inch flexible drain line over the drain nipple of the water softener. You may want to use a hose clamp to snug the connection.

Electrical Power
Plug the unit into the 120 volt outlet and secure the wiring to prevent any tripping hazards

Start Up and Programming
Turn the main water supply on and close all open faucets. Check the installation for leaks. Start the system by placing the by-pass valve in the by-pass position then turn it slowly towards the in-service position to slowly fill the resin tank. Once the tank is full open the valve fully to the in-service position and again check for leaks.

Program your unit by determining the hardness of the water. Set the time of day and then set how many people are in the household to match the required hardness per gallon scale setting.

Up and Running
To place the system in service turn the regeneration knob to the backwash position and observe water drainage. Turn the knob to brine rinse cycle for 1 minute then turn knob to rapid rinse for 1 minute. Finally, turn the knob to brine refill and the brine tank should refill with 3” to 4” of water. Depending on the brine tank size add 100 to 350 lbs of softening salt to the tank. This concludes the water softener installation procedure.

Refill the brine tank with salt when the water under the salt is visible. It may take a few days for completely soft hot water as it must cycle through the hot water tank.

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