High Velocity Jetting

by Raul Garcia on July 11, 2011

Orlando High Velocity Jetting

Blocked sewage and storm drains may not be something that we always think about but once it happens, then the result can be a hazardous, unhealthy and dangerous situation. It does not take as much as anyone would think to create blockage of these drains which can occur in heavy rain storms, flooding or simply something large enough obstruct the flow through the pipes, therefore, causing a backup. High velocity jetting can quickly and efficiently clean this up plus it is not nearly as expensive as you might think.
Plumbing companies have the methods and equipment to flush the pipes with an environmentally safe and effective way to accomplish the task. This is called high velocity jetting which can be defined as a powerful thrust of water through the blocked drains and the sheer force of the water will remove the blockage so that the pipes and drains will be cleared. Blocked sewage drains can cause a foul smell and a potential health risk. Blocked storm drains can create flooding on the streets and grassy areas which can cause risky navigating. High velocity jetting can clear a complete street system of blocked storm drains in a matter of minutes. The stream of powerful water also does not damage but will clean the drains or pipes safely.
Sometimes due to root intrusion and debris accumulation, a sewer blowout can occur. When this happens, some consequences may result that will create power outages, sewage backup into private homes or businesses. Unless handled correctly this action can be costly. If the sewage pipes are only designed for a minimum flow capacity, then the high velocity jetting can be adjusted to avoid the risk of a sewer blowout. A good plumbing company always checks the measure of the work that is to be done and takes the appropriate action. Many plumbing companies are often hired by a community or city as individual contractors. These companies have to maintain a reputation of good work standards and delivery of a job well done.
These same companies can be hired on an individual basis such as clearing clogged sewage pipes on a newly purchased property or a home where the blockage has slowly built up over a long period of time. It is an aspect that all homeowners have to deal with at one time another to avoid damage to their property or their living environment. High velocity jetting is the perfect solution for this problem.

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