Tankless Water Heater

by Raul Garcia on May 16, 2011

An Orlando tankless water heater will save people money by only sending in hot water when it is needed. In contrast, regular water heaters constantly heat the water and will do so even when the homeowners are not at home. When people are not home, they do not need hot water, so it makes sense that a water heater does not need to heat water during those times.

Regular water heaters also need to be replaced every so often. Water has a corroding effect on the materials the tanks are made out of, which is one of the reasons that they will begin to leak and need to be replaced. Water heaters can cost hundreds of dollars, so it is an expense that people may not be prepared for when a new water heater needs to be purchased. A tankless water heater eliminates this need completely.

The tankless water heater works close to where hot water will be needed. For example, the shower has a hot water faucet and this is where the heating unit will be placed into the wall where it can heat the water when someone turns the hot water faucet on. The electric or the gas water heater warms the water right away, because it is so close to the source. In contrast, with a regular water heater that may be located in the garage, the entire tank needs to warm up before it can arrive at the desired faucet.

Issues created by these water heaters can easily be solved by choosing to install more electrical or gas heaters. For example, with only the small versions installed throughout the house, there will not be enough hot water to accommodate someone who wants to take a shower at the same time the washing machine is running. To combat this, a homeowner can install an electrical or gas water heater that was meant to service the entire house. They can also choose to install two water heaters that will be able to meet the demands of multiple people in a house. The other option is to purchase a separate water heater for all the appliances that require hot water.

The electrical or gas water heater does not just work for heating water inside the house. Electrical and gas water heaters can also heat water sources on the outside such as the pool’s shower. If there is a hot tub located on the outside, it may be possible to heat it with an electrical or gas water heater.

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