Replacing A Wax Ring In Your Toilet

by Raul Garcia on May 16, 2011

Water that is leaking from around the base of your toilet does not always mean that toilet replacement is necessary. That slow leak could simply mean that the seal between the base of the toilet and the flange, which is located in the floor below the toilet, is old, worn, overly compressed, or deteriorated. A simple wax ring replacement could be the answer that solves the leak problem.

So, before choosing toilet replacement, first assess the severity of the problem. Check to make sure there are no visible cracks in the toilet base, bowl or tank. These can cause leaks and harm the floor. If there are no cracks, then check the plumbing underneath the toilet. Have someone flush the toilet while you watch the pipes that lead to and from the toilet. If the pipes are not leaking, they can be ruled out as the problem as well. Finally if everything else checks out and is not found to be the leak, one may rule out toilet replacement and move on to wax ring replacement.

In order to change the wax sea (or ring) on your toilet, one will need the model number of the toilet. This information is typically stamped somewhere on the toilet near the tank. If the model number is not available, most hardware stores sell generally sized rings that will suffice. These are affordable, and easy to change.

Before engaging in lifting the toilet, one must first make sure that all water is drained from the toilet, and the water supply is shut off. The next step is to remove the water supply hoses from the tank of the toilet. Have a bucket available to catch any water that did not drain from the tank. The next step is to remove the mounting bolts from the base of the toilet. A good adjustable wrench is helpful with this task.

Once these steps have been completed, it is time to remove the toilet from its location. In order to assure that the toilet does not get damaged, one may want to have a friend to aid them with this task. It is now time to remove the wax ring. Put the new ring in place and gently ease the toilet back into place. Sit on the toilet and rock it to all sides in orde to seal the ring. Replace the bolts and re-hook up the water supply.

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