Tips on Hot Water Heater Repair & Installation

by Raul Garcia on April 26, 2011

Few things feel more comfortable than turning on the kitchen tap when hands are dirty or turning on the bathroom shower when muscles are aching and having soothing hot water come out of the faucet. There may be times, however, for any homeowner when their hot water heater fails to deliver and may need a visit from one of our plumbing professionals to determine whether repair is possible or installation of a new unit is necessary.

Every homeowner should know the signs that their hot water heater is in need of inspection for possible repair. Symptoms include a total lack of hot water, an insufficient amount of hot water needed to take a shower or bath, water that is rusty in color or gives off a sulfuric or rotten egg smell, leakage of water from the bottom of the heater, and strange noises eminating from the unit such as whining, popping or rumbling sounds.

Orlando plumbing service is available on a 24/7 basis to take emergency service calls regarding hot water heater repair and installation. A professional plumber is the homeowner’s most cost efficient way of handling any type of hot water heater problem, whether the unit is operated by gas, electric or is a tankless unit. Some of the most common repair calls require replacement of the thermostat devices. Problems with leakage sometime require replacement of the hot water pop off safety valve. Sometimes the gas pilot valve or the electronic heating element must be replaced. Some repairs require replacement of the anode rods to prevent rusting water or flushing the tank to remove collected bacteria.

The beauty of having a professional plumber check out a faulty hot water heater for repair is that a professional can tell whether or not the best investment of money is in fixing the unit or in installing a brand new one which may be more energy efficient. Among the benefits of investing in a new hot water heater is quicker and more efficient heating of water in addition to getting a bigger unit that may better serve the needs of the entire household. Often homeowners inherit an old water heater with limited capacity that simply can’t keep up with the demands of the new household moving into the property.

Once a professional plumber has removed the old unit and properly installed a new gas fired hot water heater, an electric hot water heater, or tankless hot water heater, it’s important to extend the longevity of the new unit with an annual maintenance call for drainage.

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