The benefits of high velocity jetting

by Raul Garcia on April 22, 2011

Orlando High Velocity Jetting

High velocity water jetting is a highly efficient and effective way in which to remove obstructions from your drain lines and sanitary sewer systems. Water jetting is a process whereby regular tap water is emitted under extremely high pressure through a pipe or sewer line that has a blockage obstructing it from freely draining.

This highly pressurized water is fed to a cutting tip designed to fit into the pipe. A long flexible hose allows the cutting tip to travel down the length of the pipe. The cutting tips are multi-purpose designed, some rotate at high-speed, others have hard edge shearing surfaces, and some are round. They all function in a similar manner in that highly pressurized water is emitted from the sides of the cutting tip which dislodges debris.

The cutting tip must be able to travel throughout the length of the pipe; this would be difficult to accomplish if one had to rotate the hose by hand or apply a mechanical rotation such is used with a” snake”. An important function of the cutting tip or tool attached to the pressure hose is to eject water from the rear of the tip. Much like a rocket, the tip ejects water from its rear, pushing itself forwards through the pipe. Any length of pipe can be cleaned this way.

Have you ever had sewer water back up in your basement? If you have, then you understand the importance of maintaining a properly cleaned sewer line. Most homeowners think only of the importance of properly maintained drain lines only when a disaster has occurred. At that point, your basement may already be flooded with unhealthy, unsanitary sewage backup. The loss and damage of valuable property and the frustration of having to clean it up should be enough to help you understand the critical importance of maintaining your drain lines.

We are a local plumbing company In Orlando Florida that offers this service. We proudly serve the needs of both residential and commercial clients alike. Call us for a consultation on a preventative maintenance plan. If you have older pipes that are subject to scale building up inside of them, then you should consider a preventative plan. Seasonal growth of tree roots can wreak havoc upon your lines, especially the older ceramic drainpipe in city areas. All buildings have drains, and all drains must flow freely. Put our experience and skill in using high velocity water jetting to work for you.

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