Key Facts About Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

by Raul Garcia on April 13, 2011

Orlando Plumbing Service Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

A garbage disposal is certainly a handy device to have in any modern kitchen. This amazing device can help to liquify discard food pieces such as vegetable peels and certain boneless leftovers to help dispose of them in the most sanitary way possible by flushing them down the kitchen drain. But when a garbage disposal doesn’t work properly or becomes stuck because a particular item is clogging up the works, it’s important to rely on a professional plumbing service well versed in garbage disposal repair and installation.

More often than not a garbage disposal that refuses to function properly may have a particular mechanical part that needs replacement. It can also be a matter of replacing a leaking hose or removing a food item that has jammed the mechanism. It’s always a good idea if no sound is coming from the disposal when the on-switch is flipped to check the reset button and try again before calling for repair service. A homeowner should never place their fingers or any other device into a garbage disposal unit in an attempt to repair it themselves because this could prove both costly and dangerous. A professional plumbing service is the best course of action to take to carefully evaluate the situation.

Orlando Plumbing Service is available on a round the clock basis for repair calls to get any garbage disposal model working again. Often family members toss hard items into the disposal causing the flywheel to jam. Or the unit may need a thorough cleaning to remove the build-up of excess grease and other foodstuffs which is slowing down its efficiency.

A trained professional can evaluate whether or not a jammed or broken garbage disposal unit can be salvaged or fixed or if the homeowner’s money is better spent installing a new unit. If a current garbage disposal unit has been in daily use for more than five years, it is possible that installing a new unit with a more powerful motor and better disposal capabilities is the best solution for the problem. Our plumbing service can recommend a reliable unit to fit within the homeowner’s budget as well as install the new unit that comes with a service and parts warranty.

In order to prevent any garbage disposal, whether old or new from requiring service earlier than it should, it is important to use the unit properly every time and avoid throwing bones or massive amounts of fibrous foods into the hopper. Children should also be made aware that a garbage disposal is never to be considered as a toy.

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